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The Smith Twins

I LOVE MULTIPLES. Seriously. I have maybe had more practice photographing multiples than most other kinds of photo shoots. I have no idea why, but I feel special, and I REALLY love it. It was so wonderful to have the chance to photograph Josh and Susan’s little guys when they are still so tiny. Well, […]

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Springtime in Savannah

The doctor’s kids never get a checkup, and the photographer’s kids never get a picture taken! This is so true at my house. I finally decided (when the flowers started to come into bloom) that it was high time that my kids got dressed up and I treated them like very important clients! Here are […]

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Baby Fritz Announcement

Secrets are SOOOOOO much fun!!! I had the privilege of being able to photograph an announcement photo of my friends Jules and Josh for their baby that is due this coming January. Jules, you may remember, was my wedding makeup diva, but also just a great friend who is always good for a laugh, a […]

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Baby Kellan

Ah, the Anchetas. We have done many family photoshoots over the past few years, and this is one of my favorites. They now have three gorgeous boys (that must not be real, because they are all so well behaved), and I love Shay and Charlie to pieces. This time, we did some newborn photos of […]

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Hess Spring Photos

Long overdue family photos were finally taken this week! The last time I did photos for Adam and Stephanie was when Haley was born, and that’s been 5 months!!! I love that they are so free with the style of photos that they want, but there is always one or two ideas that they have […]

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